In Couture is a leading Turkish fashion company, with Turkish and international expertise. Possessing an indisputable flair for fashion, Ayman Alhamwi and Mohmmed Alselka have established this iconic haute couture company in 2013, in Istanbul.

In Couture has a group of international designers who are led by Mohammed Alselka who has extensive experience in fashion field and his own touch in haute couture. This enabled In Couture to create a number of specialized groups in the latest fashion trends throughout the year.

The company has many stores around the world. It has about 185 selling points in the most important selling centers and fashion markets. After years of struggle and working hard, the company has created its own distinctive imprint in the fashion world of the evening dresses.


“Create the best products, inspire solutions and be the world’s most respected brand.”

The In Couture brand was born from the desire to create perfect evening dresses for all women who want to be special and glowing in the most important moments of their lives.

We know that design is everywhere, but In Couture brand is about more than evening dresses. Our brand combines physical, emotional, and logical elements for one exceptional customer experience. We spread joy, optimism and elegance. We create smiles and connect people with haute couture fashion industry.

In Couture is dedicated to provide luxury garment, that’s why our central theme which connects our clothing line is the unique vision, style and attitude.


“Details. Quality. Responsibility. Lifestyle.”

At In Couture, we believe that our core values are built on perseverance, quality, honesty, innovation, and commitment to doing what’s best. We focus our time, energy, and creativity on developing practical, workable solutions to new challenges. We strive on building the best relationships with our customers and business partners.

Fashion world is a lifestyle for us. Integrity is fundamental in all that we do, excellence starts with our customers, we produce the best results and constantly push ourselves to anticipate and fulfill all customers’ desires.

We also believe in cultivating a great experience for our team and our customers that puts enjoyment at the forefront. Beside quality and things well-done, In Couture is centered on positive values and social interactions.


“Quality has no limits.”

In Couture keeps up with the innovations and applies them instantly, with the belief that quality has no limits. We work hard every day to create value for our clients. The company priority is and always has been to offer fashion with quality.

Passion is at the heart of our company. We are original thinkers with inquiring minds, our creations transform women’s lives by making them feel good about themselves and their experience transform our work, because we are continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving our items.

A woman wearing any of our pieces will be remarked and will always get compliments. Also, with In Couture dresses, they will build their self-esteem, so they might reach the highest dreams and potential.